How To Shred Personal Records

A quick Google search show dozens of professional shredders offering Mobile shredding, Off Site shredding and some offer Drop Off shredding service. Others pay Google to put them on the front page of my search so I know that in order to get big bank for my buck, I had to do some more research … Continue reading >How To Shred Personal Records

If you are like me, you must have no storage space left or paying extra to store those old file boxes! I closed my personal medical practice years ago and I had to hold on to the patient’s records for a minimum of 7 years. Because of the small apartment space, I had in Boston, Real Estate was at a premium and I was forced to rent a storage space in Newton MA and paid over $200 / Month to maintain it! But when it was time to destroy these dozens of old document boxes, my dilemma started with a so-called personal professional shredder I bought from my Office supply store!

My shredder cost me over $425.00 and promised to shred up to 30 pages per minutes! Well, that was not even close, it was very frustrating and jammed every 2 or 3 cycles, and when it did not jam it overheated! Luckily I still had the receipt and took it back to the store in a hurry. I got my money back after wasting a good part of my weekend.

Today, I am glad to say that I learned something about document shredding: “leave It To The Pros” They do it for a living and have the equipment to handle mass volume. But, who do you call for secure service at best prices?


Choosing The Best Shredding Service

A quick Google search shows dozens of professional shredders offering Mobile shredding, Off-Site shredding and some offer Drop Off shredding service. Others pay Google to put them on the front page of my search so I know that in order to get a big bang for my buck, I had to do some more research. I called most of the shredding service companies in Boston MA and discovered that none offered transparent pricing, they often hide behind disclaimers and never offered me a straight answer. Well, that is almost true with the exception of Neighborhood Parcel. They took my call at first ring and were very genuine in their answers, they were the ONLY shredding company to post their rates online! That showed guts and ethical behavior. But most importantly they were the ONLY company to offer me a convenient drop-off location so I don’t have to pay transportation charges that could add up to $100+.

Best Medical Shredders

Residential Service
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We fired our shredder last month and had mountains of x-rays and medical files that we wanted to get shredded but not by just anyone. We wanted HIPAA compliant shredder company and my boss found you through a referral. We are pleased so far with the service and glad to recommend for all Medical shredding service in our Cambridge Office.

Best Shredder For Accountants A++

Residential Service
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If I could give 10 stars for support and attention to detail I definitely would. I have hired others to do my company annual purges but your was by far the best one, I think that the website is easy to ready, the service was timely

The Best Rates In Area

Residential Service
5 5 1
I shred 12 boxes of my personal documents that I collected for over 5 years at Neighborhood Parcel and without breaking the bank, if you are lucky to live near Boston MA, this is the best shredder for your money and A+ Service

How I Shred My Documents

After a long research and endless calls, I decided to hire Neighborhood Parcel to shred my personal documents. I took advantage of their drop-off service and ended up spending $285.50 to shred all my boxes. That is cheaper than buying a shredder and wasting my valuable time babysitting it!

What I loved About The Shredding Service:

  • Shredding rates are posted online and exactly what I paid.
  • Drop Of Service has no minimum.
  • Paid $15 / Box
  • Drop Off service was convenient, Saturday Hours are available.
  • The staff helped me offload my Mini Cooper.
  • Received My Certificate Of Destruction as promised.

My Documents in Storage

Author: Document Shredder

Neighborhood Parcel was founded in 2007 as an alternative to the other big box shredding retailers like Staples, Shredit, Cintas and Iron Mountain. We never thought we would become a key player in the community. Our vision to be a vital part of the community evolved around “Paying It Forward” mantra, we give back to the community in every chance we get. From supporting Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence, or Soup kitchens like Lazarus House, to supporting the Boston Marathon Victim fund. People took notice of our competitive rates and the fact that we were a small business that was vested in the community.